This is Cult of the Turtle, my home on the web.

I’m Joe Tortuga, and I’m  a polyamorous, bisexual, kinky gaming geek and erotica writer.  Phew, that’s a mouthful. A fingerfull? I am typing this, after all.

Anyway, Cult of the Turtle is my largely work safe blog about games and gaming, and turtles.  I’m very interested in game design and criticism, and I’m also interested in finding ways to incorporate sexuality into games in a way that’s not childish or demeaning.  As I’m a programmer by trade, this allows me to meld my many concepts together, and that gets discussed here as well.  Which is why it’s only “largely safe for work.”

There were other very NSFW posts here, but they got lost in the hard drive crash, and if they come back, they’ll go to my erotica blog.

Now a little contact information.  First and foremost, if you see a “JoeTortuga” out there, it’s 99.99% likely to be me.  If you see “GenericJoe” there’s a good chance it’s me, or the band of the same name.  I don’t use it much anymore, although it’s my gmail, so it shows up in my wave contacts and a few other random places.

Email: joe@cultoftheturtle.com
GChat: joe@otbp.org
Twitter: JoeTortuga
Facebook: Joe Tortuga

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